Encouraging Home Educators…

Greetings, and welcome to Flathead Home Educators Association (FHEA).  We would like to take a moment to welcome you on the path of homeschooling, which we all believe is an important call on your life, and we hope FHEA will be a useful tool and resource to come alongside you on this amazing, yet challenging, journey.

At FHEA, our purpose is to encourage homeschooling.

We have an annual board meeting in April, and all are welcome and invited to come, provide your voice. We welcome your input!  If you have questions about the association you would like to have addressed sooner, you can contact the board by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Flathead Valley homeschool community has a diverse range of backgrounds, so please do your research to make sure the activities you engage in align with your family’s morals and/or beliefs.  Many of these resources are found in an online group and on a local Facebook page.  Listings of activities or events on these separate forums do NOT designate an activity, event or organization that is expressly promoted by FHEA.

FHEA supports your responsibilities and choices, as parents, in the education of your children as well as the autonomy of each organization/individual to create and promote their own activities and events.

Please see below to understand more about our organization:


Scope and Beliefs:

FHEA believes in and advocates for the constitutional right of parents to raise and educate their children in the best way they see fit.

FHEA believes family is the backbone of our country, and parents are the primary authority on earth in their children’s lives.

FHEA has a board consisting of members who are homeschool parents in the valley.

The board maintains or delegates the maintenance of the FHEA website.

FHEA has liability insurance that your group MAY qualify to use. Please send an email related to your group, activity, location, etc, in as much detail as possible to see if it is covered under the FHEA liability umbrella.

FHEA is a Christian-based organization, but value homeschooling choices across the board regardless of religious beliefs and/or affiliations

What is our oversight in the valley?

FHEA events are avenues for homeschool families to network in the Flathead Valley, and provide opportunities for connecting homeschooling families with any resources available in the area

FHEA organizes and oversees the following activities and events:

The Annual Homeschool Kick-Off

We bring together as many of the resources available in this valley at our Kick-Off and other events as we can, so you, the parent, can determine the best fit for your family.

Homeschool Support Group meetings

Other events that are supported by the board, but not overseen are:

Senior Graduation
Senior Banquet
Annual Book / Curriculum Sale








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