Annual Kick-Off

Presented by the:

Flathead Home Educators Association

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

We are excited to support you in the homeschool journey as we all prepare for another year.

The HOMESCHOOL KICK-OFF will be from 11am to 4pm

at Easthaven Baptist Church (2010 Whitefish Stage Road, Kalispell)


  • Workshops 11:00am – 4:00pm (listed below)
  • Vendors 11:00am – 4:00pm Come see what is available in this growing community of resources! Over a dozen tables will feature a variety of opportunities to enrich your homeschool experience.
  • Concessions and snacks will be available to help offset the Kickoff expenses. FHEA greatly appreciates your support! Please bring cash or check to pay for goodies.

Meet with old and new friends as you sign up for your FHEA membership, Picture Day, Senior Class Activities and Graduation, FHEA Google Group, Spelling & Geography Bees, Math Club, Choir, Band, Sports, and more.

Start your year feeling prepared and encouraged!

There is something for everyone! Veteran moms will be available to chat about curriculum options and field other questions.


Elisa Degerness and team will supervise outdoor / indoor activities for kids 3 – 11. There will be a $5 charge per child ($20 max per family). Please bring a lunch and/or snack for your child if you plan to be there over the lunch hour or for more than two hours. We will provide limited snacks.

This year’s Kick-Off schedule:

(The workshop schedule is still being finalized, but some of the planned workshops are described below.)

Navigating High School (Jerelyn Sandtner)

This comprehensive presentation will help you understand the state requirements for high school coursework, what constitutes a credit, and how to build a transcript. College prep test-taking will be addressed as well as the steps to enroll your student in FVCC’s Running Start program. If you have—or will soon have—a high school student, this class is for you! Even if you have taken this workshop in the past, new material has been added.

Building Bridges to the Future—College and Career Planning (Wendi Fawn)

During this workshop participants will learn how to create a portfolio that helps to:

  • Obtain Scholarships
  • Secure Internships
  • Navigate Education Choices
  • Discover Career Pathways

Scholarships for 2 year degrees and certifications, 4 year degrees and combining work experience with courses (in high school and college) will be covered in this program. The presenters have over 20 years of experience in education in multiple states and help students in Montana gain access to valuable resources for post-secondary education (in and out of the state). We have helped students create service/project learning projects that then fed directly into scholarships at a national and local level. Please visit our website at for more information about who we are and what we do.

Getting Started Homeschooling (Martha Artyomenko & Michelle Degerness)

Want to start homeschooling and don’t have a clue where to begin? This class will give you the nuts and bolts to start.

Clubs & Activities Showcase (Coordinated by Elizabeth Rye; led by individual coaches)

A showcase on some of the amazing clubs and activities offered in the Homeschool Community in the format of a demonstration with a question and answer period available. From Spelling Bee club to the Math Club there are so many amazing club to experience and observe!

Being your Best Homeschool Dad (Steve Compton)

This workshop highlights the position and importance of dads in the family homeschool from a Biblical perspective. Its design is to encourage, enlighten, and empower dads in our pivotal position.

Steve has 5 children and has taught in public, private, and homeschool arenas the last 45 years.

Motivational Tips for Engaging Children with Learning Differences (Nanette Sample & Barb Sorenson)

Do you have a unique learner? Does your child struggle with a learning disability? Come be encouraged with teaching tips and ideas for keeping your student motivated.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Kick-Off Coordinator

Sarah Lamb
(406) 270-6521

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