Phoenix Academy

If you’re looking for a homeschool program where you can be involved but the curriculum, teaching, tutoring, record keeping and accountability are handled by the teachers, then this program is definitely worth checking out.

The Phoenix School setup is fairly straightforward. Students meet face-to-face with their teachers individually at least once a week wherever it is convenient, including at the Academy’s office.

There are also online components and tutoring available either one-on-one or in small groups.  Everything in the program is catered directly to the need of the students and created, reviewed and graded by a certificated (credentialed) teacher. The curriculum covers all topics and is designed to help the student meet state standards while still leaving the students free to choose which topics they would like to learn.  All curriculums are given by the teacher and the parents don’t have to do much from that perspective, but their input is always valued and used.

For more information, contact:

Phoenix Academy                                                                                     John Connerly
(406) 871-5540                                                                                         (406) 260-1424 (currently under development)

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